Public art can be static, moving, part of the
infrastructure or a projection of light and sound
It can last for a minute, a day, a year or a
- Pavel Büchler

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Community Engagement

University of Kentucky Commonwealth Collaborative Grant

University of Kentucky Research Initiatives
Targeting Kentucky's Most Severe Problems

University of Kentucky President Lee T. Todd Jr. articulated a bold vision for his administration: turning UK's research resources toward addressing the "Kentucky Uglies," his term for long-entrenched problems that are holding back the state's economic and cultural progress.

After encouraging the university's researchers to identify Kentucky’s priority needs and propose solutions, in 2006 President Todd selected 23 projects aimed at improving Kentucky's health and well-being, educational opportunities, economy, environment, natural resources, and its quality of life.

President Todd deemed these projects the Commonwealth Collaboratives, a term that portrays the partnership binding UK's researchers, K-12 educators, health care providers, entrepreneurs, industries, government officials and private citizens who will participate in -- and benefit from -- these projects in and beyond Kentucky.

He required investigators to report annually on their progress. These reports provide measurements demonstrating the actual impact on their target populations.

With 2008, 13 additional Collaboratives were added to the 23 ongoing initiatives from 2006. All address Kentucky’s priority problems and work to enhance quality of life in the Commonwealth. 2010 adds another 11 Collaboratives addressing needs as diverse as heart health, the arts and physical fitness, college readiness, and restoration of the Cane Run Watershed.

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Student Engagement

Beginning in the summer of 2010 and continuing through the fall of 2010, the project leaders and a team of University of Kentucky students enrolled in Huskisson’s Museum Studies course and Broome-Price’s Contemporary Arts Issues class will continue the development of the Museum Without Walls project. Georgetown College students enrolled in Juilee Decker’s Curatorial Studies course will also contribute Scott County public art data to the project. Project leaders have invited art faculty at Transylvania University to participate in the project and are awaiting a response.

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© “Nexus” 2006 by Tony Higdon & Erika Strecker (Transportation Cabinet Office Building, Frankfort, KY)

"Transit of Venus", 2004 by Robert Huff (Giddings Hall, Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY)

"Bottlestop" 2009 by Aaron Scales (Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY)

“Getting Back Up”, 2006 by Luke Achterberg (Lexington Diagnostic Center, Lexington, KY)

“A Portrait of Daniel Boone”, ca. 1930 A. D. Fisher (College Park, College Street, Winchester, KY)

Gwen Reardon, 2001, The Thoroughbred Park Sculpture Collection, (Thoroughbred Park, Lexington, KY)