Public art can be static, moving, part of the
infrastructure or a projection of light and sound
It can last for a minute, a day, a year or a
- Pavel Büchler

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The initial functions for the user include viewing Google maps in which art works throughout Kentucky are signified by pins, searching for particular works, retrieving photographs of and information about art works, and playing a game in which the user accumulates points by visiting art works in situ.

The TakeItArtside! app is for your use and enjoyment. With your help, the contents of the app will continue to grow. If you notice an error, omission, or problem with any of the app's functions or content, email and we'll take care of it so that you can enjoy taking it artside!

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Header Collage Image Credits:

© “Nexus” 2006 by Tony Higdon & Erika Strecker (Transportation Cabinet Office Building, Frankfort, KY)

"Transit of Venus", 2004 by Robert Huff (Giddings Hall, Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY)

"Bottlestop" 2009 by Aaron Scales (Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY)

“Getting Back Up”, 2006 by Luke Achterberg (Lexington Diagnostic Center, Lexington, KY)

“A Portrait of Daniel Boone”, ca. 1930 A. D. Fisher (College Park, College Street, Winchester, KY)

Gwen Reardon, 2001, The Thoroughbred Park Sculpture Collection, (Thoroughbred Park, Lexington, KY)