Public art can be static, moving, part of the
infrastructure or a projection of light and sound
It can last for a minute, a day, a year or a
- Pavel Büchler

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ArtFit™ is available now on Take It Artside! Use your community's public art to enhance your workout routine! ArtFit™ is a new tool that maps an exercise route around the public art near you. Walk, jog, or run along a public art-inspired route, checking in at various art works as you go. At each art work, you'll have the option to do additional exercises (of varying intensities), or just enjoy the art. When you're finished with your ArtFit™ session, ArtFit™ will calculate how many calories you've burned. Get or stay fit with ArtFit™!

The following ArtFit™ routes are currently available:

Downtown Lexington

Legacy Trail


Check back soon to download and enjoy tours of Central Kentucky's public art. Tours will be available on Take It Artside! in the near future, too!

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Header Collage Image Credits:

© “Nexus” 2006 by Tony Higdon & Erika Strecker (Transportation Cabinet Office Building, Frankfort, KY)

"Transit of Venus", 2004 by Robert Huff (Giddings Hall, Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY)

"Bottlestop" 2009 by Aaron Scales (Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY)

“Getting Back Up”, 2006 by Luke Achterberg (Lexington Diagnostic Center, Lexington, KY)

“A Portrait of Daniel Boone”, ca. 1930 A. D. Fisher (College Park, College Street, Winchester, KY)

Gwen Reardon, 2001, The Thoroughbred Park Sculpture Collection, (Thoroughbred Park, Lexington, KY)